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Law Office

About us

Our story began in Athens in 1954 when Ioannis K. Fiflis established our first office specializing in Civil, Commercial and Administrative Law cases.

In 1992 our office moved to Paros where it began undertaking affairs in the Cyclades and throughout the Greek territory under the responsibility of Konstantinos I. Fiflis.

Today we continue to provide exceptional services to businesses and individuals, not only in Paros but throughout Greece. Our capability and knowledge empower us to support clients both within and outside the courtroom, always prioritizing their best interests.

With our diverse network of lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and technical consultants throughout Greece, tax professionals, engineers and brokers in Paros, we manage to meet any of our clients’ needs.

We are contributing in the development of the island by participating in social initiatives of local level, such as the construction of temporary ground facilities of the new Paros airport, but also in public awareness campaigns to solve local problems.


Legal advice and support

Land Registry (registrations, disputes)

Urban and professional leases

Rental Agreements, Commercial Leases